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DENVER — The 100 deadliest days of summer stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day when there is an uptick in fatal accidents involving teen drivers.

And a study by Volvo shows drivers are more distracted than they were five years ago.

Cellphones are the main culprit, with 71 percent of Americans admitting to using their phone while driving.

The study focused on distracted driving among generations. It found Generation Z drivers, the youngest on the roads, are less likely to use their phones while driving than their parents.

Millennials and Generation X drivers admitted to using their phones while driving the most.

The study also found that for parents, having a child in the car was not a deterrent and they used their phone anyway.

Volvo said putting down the phone is key, especially heading into the 100-day stretch that AAA says an average of 10 people a day die in traffic accidents involving teen drivers, a 14 percent increase over the rest of the year.