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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Hundreds of people are having trouble getting to their vehicles after being stranded in Sunday’s snowstorm.

The streets are still a mess and many vehicles are stuck on the sides of highways.

“There were like 10 cars that actually got stuck here,” said Mireya Alamillo, who was trying to get her truck unstuck Monday on Gun Club Road in Aurora.

Many cars were left stuck, stranded, and abandoned.

“It looked like a war zone. It was crazy,” said Evan Black, one of the many good Samaritans who spent much of the day trying to help those who were stuck.

“I’m military, so I’m just doing it for fun. I started on Gun Club last night. I think I pulled out 17 last night. I’m now on 24,” Black said.

“I think I built up my karma for the next few years,” he joked.

Aurora Police rescued 212 stranded motorists during the storm. More than three dozen of those vehicles were left abandoned on Gun Club Road or nearby E-470.

“My wife got stuck. My wife is a frontline nurse and was coming home from work and got stuck,” said Ralph Hoglan, who was retrieving his family’s car.

Several pickup trucks on nearby Jewell Avenue in Aurora were almost completely covered by snow drifts.

Most abandoned vehicles have since been recovered or towed to nearby lots.

The Aurora Police Department is urging motorists who left their vehicles to call 303-326-8680.

The police department has negotiated a special towing fee of $75 for those who got stuck in the storm, so long as drivers call by the end of business on Wednesday.

Once drivers call the number, they will be directed to the location of their vehicle.