LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lakewood man remains shaken up after an “extortion” attempt he says cost him $300.

To protect his own identity, FOX31 is referring to the alleged victim as “Mike.”

“I was so afraid and so terrified that I was gonna die if I didn’t give him the money,” he said.

Mike claims that on June 4, he pulled into a shopping center parking lot at Wadsworth Boulevard and Colfax Avenue. Shortly thereafter, a man in another vehicle stopped him, claiming Mike’s vehicle just hit his.

According to Mike, the alleged suspect demanded Mike go inside the store and withdraw $300 from the ATM.

“Don’t get on your phone or I’ll take care of you,” Mike claims the other man said. Mike went into the store and withdrew the money and gave it to the alleged suspect.

Mike would eventually file a report with Lakewood Police, who confirm they are investigating.

“My life is more important than $300,” he said.