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DENVER — A driver crashed through a fence and came up against a house in the Park Hill neighborhood early Wednesday morning, the Denver Police Department said.

Pieces of the car were strewn on the road near East 38th Avenue and Jasmine Street about 1 a.m. Skid marks can be seen from the car as it crossed the road, over the sidewalk and into the backyard.

The passenger side door and the trunk of the vehicle were propped open and the windshield was shattered.

The homeowner was inside with her baby at the time of the crash. No one was injured and there does not appear to be any structural damage to the home.

A neighbor said it sounded like an explosion and that it was terrifying how close it came to her parents’ home.

“I heard this loud boom and I jumped out of the chair and went out to see what was going on,” Rhonda Triplett said. “I didn’t see anything right away and then minutes later, it was a lot of lights.

“And we came out and that’s when we saw the damage and debris and the car spread everywhere. We didn’t know if anyone was hurt. But it was horrible and it was too close for comfort.”

The homeowner said the driver was arrested a few doors down. Police only said an ambulance was called and it’s not known the extent of any injuries to the driver.

The vehicle was cleared from the yard by 3:45 a.m., but there was extensive damage to the fence.