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DENVER (KDVR) — A couple’s cars were nearly destroyed by a driver who tore through a Denver neighborhood near South Harrison Street and East Amherst Avenue on Saturday night.

Scott Lucero and his wife had toured area Christmas lights, decorated their tree and were settling in to watch television with some hot chocolate when they heard a frightening sound.

Lucero said it was “just screeching and then a loud boom,” which he thought was a jet flying over his home.

When Lucero ventured outside he saw his Jeep’s front end and his wife’s sedan crushed, glass covering the ground.

“I mean two cars in one shot, are you kidding me? I mean who does that happen to right before Christmas?” Lucero said.

No other cars on the street were hit by the driver, who left the scene without contacting anyone.

Lucero became visibly upset while surveying the damage.

“Impact on my blue Jeep right there, careened right through it ripped off the bumper and the back of the window here is literally up through that window,” he said as he described the scene, covered with glass fragments.

Lucero tells FOX31 it is difficult to imagine that anyone could cause so much damage without bothering to at least leave a note. 

“Just careened off our two cars and took off, Merry Christmas,” he said.

After spending the day talking to police and filing a report, the Lucero’s say they are relieved to have insurance but Christmas this year will not be the same.

“Will probably take down the tree right now, what do you do, we’re going to try to soldier on but it’ll be a tough one,” he said.

Anyone with information should contact Denver Police.