DENVER (KDVR) — Thursday evening, the Denver Public School Board will vote on a consolidation plan to close five schools due to low enrollment.

Many families upset by the possibility made their voices heard at a public hearing earlier this week. Some district leaders, however, said it’s a necessary step.

“We understand that this is a difficult decision for our families to accept,” DPS Director of External Communications Scott Pribble said.  “We know that there’s a lot of community that’s built around different schools, and we take that into consideration. When we consolidate a school, it’s more than just bringing the students over.” 

Low enrollment is an issue impacting other major school districts in the Denver metro. Jefferson County Public Schools recently voted to close 16 elementary schools due to the problem. 

DPS Vice President Au’ontai Anderson has been vocal about his position, saying he plans to vote “no” at Thursday’s meeting.

Anderson said he will be holding a press conference on the matter at 4 p.m.