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DENVER — Everywhere you look in Denver there appears to be unending growth.

But that does not appear to be the case with Denver Public Schools.

“We are definitely  seeing the impact of lower birth rates,” Susana Cordova, Deputy Superintendent with DPS said.

Cordova says projections call for 600 fewer students in DPS come 2019 and its mainly because of the people that are moving here.

“The majority of people who are moving in are young people who if they are married don’t have children and if they do have children they may have smaller families than they are replacing,” Cordova added.

The impact of fewer students could be severe. There could be two classrooms instead of three or even possible school closures.

“We are not in a position where we think that is something we need to do currently; but that is something we anticipate if we lose 600 kids,” Cordova added.

According to recent DPS data, 80 percent of people who recently moved to Denver since 2009 don’t have children.

Samantha Doerge and Abe Homer are a perfect example of the “new Denver.”

Young, engaged, but no plans to have any children.

“I’ve never had an inclination in my entire life to have a child,” Doerge said.