DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Public Schools calls certain areas in the city “food deserts,” or places where people cannot access enough food.

Their solution? On-campus grocery stores where students and their families can shop free of charge. 

What looks like a nondescript building at Place Bridge Academy in Denver is now a grocery store. A grocery store for DPS students and their families,

“We know that seventeen million people globally are struggling with food insecurities daily so we hope that this store and the other store are part of the solution bringing much-needed relief to families and kids throughout Denver,” said Brittany Morris Saunders of Amazon Community Affairs.

This is one of six brand-new grocery stores in the DPS district, kicking off a three-year pilot program. The goal is to provide food — free of charge — to DPS students and their families.

“We have what we call our community hubs. Through the community hubs and a multi-generational approach we support families all through DPS and throughout the community,” said Esmeralda De La Oliva, DPS Family and youth services director.

The three-year pilot program is funded by Amazon, Aetna Insurance and Goodr, an out-of-state nonprofit. This program hits home for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who says he was food deprived as a student as well.

“I was one of those children who walked into a classroom every day, hungry, but could not think about anything except when that clock hit 10:20 because that’s when we were going to lunch,” said Hancock.

DPS students and their families can make an appointment, and pick up as much food as they want, free of charge. The only question asked will be, paper or plastic?