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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Public Schools said they are aware of new sexual assault allegations against Tay Anderson after someone claimed an employee assaulted more than 60 undocumented students, while the board member’s attorney says he’s been “falsely accused.”

Someone testified about the claims before the Colorado Legislature this week, but they didn’t name Anderson during the hearing. DPS said in a statement they learned of the claims and later learned they were about Anderson.

Anderson’s attorney, Chris Decker — who’s also a FOX31 legal analyst — said in a statement that no one has come forward with any more information about the allegations, including some brought forth in March, and that police have not contacted him, either.

“These incredible assertions are false as it relates to Director Anderson. Full stop,” Decker said.

Decker also said “a known racist criminal web hacker … claims (to me and others) to have orchestrated these false allegations against Director Anderson” — information he said has been reported to police.

“On behalf of Director Anderson, I ask only for a responsible and thorough investigation of these concerning matters and assure the public that if that is done, he will be cleared of any and all wrongdoing,” Decker said. “The only thing worse than sexual assault on children, or the denial or coverup of the same, is weaponizing false claims of sexual assault and irresponsibly publishing or concluding it has happened when it has not.”

In a tweet late Friday, Anderson acknowledged the testimony, but he did not address that the claims are against him.

According to the testimony cited in Anderson’s statement, the employee in question is also accused of “using the residency status of students to target them” and the school district “attempted to cover this up, including by having students sign (non-disclosure agreements).”

Anderson added that DPS “would never have minors sign NDAs” and that the student database does not “contain the nationality status for our students.”

“Nevertheless, these allegations are troubling and must be investigated,” he said.

DPS said in a statement late Friday:

The Board of Education is committed to ensure a fair and thorough investigation. It is critically important that all individuals feel safe and supported to participate in this process, and will use any and all authority it has to protect those who participate. Retaliation or intimidation of witnesses will not be tolerated.

An investigation led by Investigations Law Group remains open, and the Board encourages anyone with relevant information to reach out to Investigations Law Group are independent investigators and are working to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information provided to them.

Denver Police said late Friday they are in contact with the person who made the claims “but have not heard from any victims.

“If someone is a victim, we encourage them to contact Denver Police,” a spokesperson said.

Sex-assault allegations against Anderson first broke back in March, when the local Black Lives Matter chapter said “multiple” women came forward with claims against him.

This story was updated Saturday, May 29, to include statements from Anderson’s attorney.