DENVER (KDVR) – Lovers of fireworks and New Year’s Eve are making plans to head downtown for the 21st annual Downtown Denver Fireworks Show. 

Drawn like moths to a flame, thousands of firework fanatics will attend this New Year’s Eve and ring in the new year.

Sharon Alton will be there. She is the vice president of the Downtown Denver Partnership and this year, they are putting on a really big show.

“The Downtown Denver Partnership is a nonprofit organization, and our mission is to build a thriving inclusive downtown,” Alton explained. “Within that, we host free public events.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pyrotechnics will be launched from two rooftops along the 16th Street Mall. The first show starts at 9 p.m., with the second one being scheduled for a midnight start.

“One of the locations is a secret. One of them is right here at the Sheraton Hotel off the rooftop,” Alton said.

Right now, the explosives are nestled under a blanket of snow on top of the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Don’t fret, however, for these fire babies are ready to fly.

“The product that we use is weatherproof to a degree but we still go the extra mile,” Zambelli Fireworks creative director Zach Taminosian said. “We cover it, we make sure the snow can’t get in between.”

The second launch location is a secret in order to avoid a buildup of crowds. Those planning to attend should hold off on worrying though since everyone packed along the mall will have a front-row seat to the show.

Music will be played from loudspeakers along the 16th Street Mall as well. So, when Taminosian was asked about the presence of some Frank Sinatra staples making the playlist, he had this to say. 

“Not this year, sorry.”

Whether or not hearing a Sinatra jam is a must to make your New Year’s Eve celebrations complete, the two year-end firework shows scheduled to go up in Denver on Saturday night are certain to make up for the lack of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Happy New Year and be safe this holiday weekend.