DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Douglas County Board of Commissioners announced Tuesday that the Douglas County PrideFest will be allowed to return to the fairgrounds after an incident in August.

A performer’s artificial breasts were exposed during a performance and Castle Rock Pride organizers said the incident was a costume malfunction and issued an apology.

The board of commissioners released the following statement:

“We have reviewed community input, as well as information provided by Castle Rock Pride. We convened again today to discuss next steps with the County legal department and facilities director.

Following our Executive Session, we directed staff to continue working with Castle Rock Pride to memorialize their commitment that any future events they hold at the Douglas County Fairgrounds will be family-friendly, consistent with their goal, and within the community guidelines they have proposed.  As such, we have accepted their detailed apology for the inappropriate behavior of performers and have been reassured that these specific performers will not be invited to future events held at the Fairgrounds. The Board also directed staff to review County policies and procedures to ensure that the community standards we seek will be met for all events at our Fairgrounds.”

The date of the 2023 Douglas County PrideFest has not yet been announced.