CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A wardrobe malfunction is being blamed for a heated controversy over a pride event in Douglas County this weekend.

A performer’s artificial breasts were exposed during a performance and the Castle Rock Pride organizers said the incident was a costume malfunction.  

“We sincerely apologize,” the organization said. “We are a group of parents who create this event so that all families and children can enjoy a day of food, games, music and just plain fun in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.”

The performer was swinging on a hoop-like trapeze when fake silicon breasts became uncovered. The moment was captured on video which is circulating on social media.

PrideFest organizers went on to say they did not approve of this action – nor is it acceptable.

What county commissioners had to say

Douglas County Commissioner George Teal described the events on his Facebook page as “unfortunate.”

“I do believe we had a violation of the zoning uses for the fairgrounds this weekend. Exotic adult entertainment is not an allowed use at the fairgrounds. Doesn’t matter if accidental,” Teal said in a Facebook post.

Teal described the incident as “exotic adult entertainment” and a “zoning violation.” The commissioner is now fighting to ban the event from the county fairgrounds in the future.

Commissioner Abe Laydon did not say if he would be for or against the ban in a Facebook post.

Commissioner Lora Thomas said she would not make a decision on a ban until all facts and evidence are in.

Aaron Wood who is a leader of a group called the Freedom Fathers said, he “thought this (show) broke some Colorado laws being held in front of all ages.”

But some members of the LGBTQ+ community in Douglas County say the controversy has turned political.

“Commissioner Teal has been targeting the LGBTQ+ community for more than six years,” Jesus Angel said.

“It’s completely being blown out of proportion and George Teal is using his power to silence people that are in my community by trying to shut down the PrideFest here in Castle Rock,” Angel said.

Angel also said lifestyles are being judged and discriminated against.

“Teal is homophobic and has an agenda in the LGBTQ+ community,” one of the Douglas County’s PrideFest founders Heather Gonzales said. “This is nothing more than a blatant attack on the community.”

Castle Rock Pride’s statement on the incident

On behalf of Castle Rock Pride, we sincerely apologize for the costume malfunction that occurred at our recent August 27 Douglas County PrideFest. We are a group of parents who create this event so that all families and children can enjoy a day of food, games, music and just plain fun in a safe, non-judgemental environment. As with any live event as millions of Americans have seen on SuperBowl Sundays and with mega pop star performers, there always is a risk of the unexpected on a live stage. This single incident should in no way tarnish the reputation or future of the Douglas County Pridefest. Through these events, Castle Rock Pride strives to build positive networks of support and inclusion, promote equality, and foster acceptance and diversity. 

The current mean-spirited social media chatter is reprehensible and indicative that there is a lot more work to be done.  It’s unacceptable that there are politicians who characterize our family-friendly entertainment as exotic adult dancing and who want to make this single incident an excuse to follow their agenda to erode diversity, equity, and inclusion for all in Douglas County.

Castle Rock Pride

Whether PrideFest is allowed to have another festival at the Douglas County fairgrounds is now uncertain.