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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A handful of Douglas County parents are announcing plans to attempt to recall multiple members of the Douglas County School Board. 

Nate Ormond says he’s targeting four members, a majority of the board.

“On almost every level there’s been a lack of courage, a lack of leadership, and really a lack of competency by this particular board,” says Ormond. 

The announcement follows a Tuesday night meeting in which the board voted to delay a return to in-person learning. 

The district was initially hoping to return to a hybrid model on Jan. 25.

Board members cited concerns with transitioning students to a hybrid model that has proven ineffective.

“I just want to make sure that when we force another transition, that it goes as smoothly as possible,” said Director Susan Meek. “I think taking the time to get it right is the right thing to do.”

But Ormond says board members have had all year to figure out that transition, and says the delay is costing his daughter a quality education.

“They had all summer to plan for how they were going to do this, and they totally blew it.”

Heather Sivey, who has three students in the district, says she’ll sign the petition once it’s started.

“People are making this work, other public school districts are making this work,” she says. “I don’t understand why Douglas County isn’t doing what’s right, and opening these schools, and opening them now.”

In a request for comment from school board members, Meek said, “I am responding as one board member and not speaking for the Board. As you are asking for a response to something that I have not seen or have no evidence of its reality, it would be inappropriate to provide a comment.”

David Ray, DCSD Board of Education Board President and Director – District F, sent FOX31 this statement:

“We have not received notice that this effort has been officially recognized. However, we are fully aware that emotions are running high with regards to the best educational delivery for our students. We will continue to listen and consider all diverse perspectives (students, staff, and parents) while adhering to public health guidance. Our focus will remain on students as we work with district leadership to implement the most consistent, effective, sustainable and safe educational delivery possible for our students in the midst of a pandemic.”