DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Those responsible for a string of crimes across Franktown earlier this year are now likely to face charges in connection to vandalism that wracked up nearly half a million dollars in repair costs.

Back in February, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies asked the public for information related to the vandalism spree that left more than $387,247 of damage in its wake in the area of Fox Hill Court and Morning Run Court.

According to the DougCo Sheriff’s office, the three suspects targeted homes in the area that were both under construction and uninhabited. Additionally, investigators have confirmed that the suspects range in age between 16 and 17.

DougCo Sheriff’s office – 3 juveniles are responsible for Franktown vandalism – damage to under-construction property

The District Attorney’s office received the DougCo detective’s recommendation of multiple charges against the suspects, including multiple counts of burglary, criminal mischief and lastly, animal cruelty.

Detectives revealed that several fish located in a greenhouse, where they were used to fertilize plants, were killed during this crime spree. The suspects allegedly added an unknown substance to the water in the tank that the fish were living in, which resulted in the animals’ demise. Additionally, one fish was killed after being removed from a tank and thrown onto the ground.

DougCo Sheriff’s office. 3 juveniles responsible for Franktown vandalism . Fish killed during crime spree

The DougCo Sheriff’s have not released the identities of the suspects, as they are juveniles, but thanks to a joint effort from the Patrol Division, Impact Unity and Pattern Crimes Unit, the case now heads to the District Attorney’s desk.