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DENVER (KDVR) — Many Coloradans are still recovering from last weekend’s major snowstorm while bracing for another round of winter weather. 

Adrian Oliver, owner of Home Grown Roofing and Contracting, says they continue to receive more than double their normal call volume for active leaks in homes and businesses.

“It can take a few days to show up. Once the snow starts melting, that’s when the water comes in,” said Oliver.

He says most people whose homes suffered damage in the previous storm should be aware by now. However, he says if leaks aren’t addressed quickly it can lead to more extensive damage.

“The longer you allow the problem to persist, the more damage it’s going to cause to your drywall, paint, lumber and electrical as well,” said Oliver.

Oliver says most of the damage his crew is seeing is minor at this point — falling drywall, peeling paint and water stains on the ceiling. He says there are a few things homeowners can do to check their roofs without actually climbing on the roof, like checking for clogs in your gutter and looking in your attic for any water damage.