AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – A man who was walking a dog carjacked a truck in Aurora and now the victim’s son is asking for help in the investigation and warning all drivers to be on alert and take measures to keep their property safe.

“It’s completely infuriating that we’re still putting up with these sorts of crimes,” John Wanberg told FOX31. The theft occurred on Memorial Day at approximately 8 a.m. near Colfax Avenue and Kingston Street.

Surveillance video shows his father leaving his truck momentarily to enter a gate. Wanberg said that’s when the thief jumped into the black 1992 Toyota pick-up and backed away. His father ran after the truck before he was struck by the carjacker.

“He went up on the hood of the car and then was thrown off to the side. I’m really grateful that he didn’t go underneath the vehicle,” Wanberg said.

Another driver quickly stepped in to help.

“A kind gentleman who stopped by and offered to give my dad a ride if he needed it, or even to chase the vehicle which they didn’t do,” Wanberg said.

Aurora police told FOX31 that they are investigating the case. The truck’s license plate is KOM057 and anyone with information is asked to contact the police.

Auto theft in Aurora has increased by 32% since 2021. Police told the Problem Solvers that to prevent becoming a victim of auto theft, lock your doors when parking, leave your car in a well-lit area and use a garage if you have one. Lastly, use anti-theft devices like a steering wheel lock.

Be aware of your surroundings and maintain up-to-date information on your vehicle’s license plate and Vehicle Identification Number.

Police add that you should be aware of your surroundings and if confronted by an armed thief, it’s best not to fight back.

Get a good description of the person and report the incident to law enforcement immediately.