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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A Sedalia man is under arrest for shooting and killing a dog.

The dog’s owner said it was a wolfdog named Saga that got off her leash.  

FOX31 captured exclusive video of Douglas County sheriff’s deputies returning to the scene of the deadly dog shooting late Friday afternoon. They arrested the homeowner but have not confirmed what charges he is facing.

“It’s a murder. She was a part of our family,” William Purcell said.

Mattersville is a sanctuary that pairs wolfdogs with veterans who are suffering from PTSD. William and Lori Purcell were volunteering at the nonprofit when Saga got off her leash and ran onto a neighbor’s property. 

“I’m telling him she’s a pet, she’s friendly. I pleaded with him when I heard the first gunshot, please don’t shoot, please don’t shoot,” William said.

He witnessed the whole thing and said the neighbor shot Saga at close range, killing her instantly.

“I tried and tried to get to her, but the hill was so high, and I was so out of breath and so tired. I just couldn’t get to her. I think that’s what kills me the most: I couldn’t get to her,” William said.

“It’s ripped out a part of my soul from me. I have her tattooed on my arm. She’s my everything,” Lori said.

Saga was adopted by the Purcell family three years ago. She had an eye injury, but they say she never hurt anyone.

“Very sweet, very shy. She didn’t like people, she wouldn’t approach people because she was scared of them, but very loving and affectionate with me and my family,” Lori said.

They say she wasn’t acting aggressively or threatening the other homeowner when he shot her.

“I don’t understand why. She wasn’t hurting anybody. She wasn’t growling. She wasn’t barking. She wasn’t doing anything,” Lori said.

“We need justice. We need justice for this,” said William.