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LAKESIDE, Colo. — Police came to the rescue of a dog trapped in hot car Tuesday, possibly saving its life.

Temperatures neared 100 degrees in the Denver metro area Tuesday and the inside of the car reached a sweltering — and deadly — 123.7 degrees.

“We’re usually called two to three times a week for dog in a car,” Lakeside police officer Dave Kornowski said.

Kornowski and his partner responded when they were called to a report of animal cruelty at a Walmart at 5957 W. 44th Ave.

The small dog, named Pedro, was having problems breathing and panting, Kornowski said.

Kornowski and his partner broke the window and, with the help of Jefferson County Animal Control, rescued the dog from the overheated car.

After the rescue, Pedro’s owner, Aaron Marlow, approached the car, “mad that his window was broken,” the officer said.

Aaron Marlow. Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Police said Marlow then got in his car and fled. Marlow was caught and arrested at a gas station on the other side of the parking lot.

He appeared in court on Wednesday on an eluding charge and an animal cruelty charge was also added, the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office said.

Marlow pleaded not guilty to both counts and a pretrial conference was set for Aug. 28.

The dog was taken to Wheat Ridge Animal Medical Center. On Tuesday evening, he was in critical condition and receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

On Wednesday, Lakeside police spoke with hospital staff who said Pedro is expected to survive. He was taken to Foothills Animal Rescue in Golden.

“At this point, Pedro’s health is stable,” said Liz Maddy, marketing and community engagement manager for Foothills Animal Shelter. “And we’ll continue to monitor him for any types of changes with that.”

Those hoping to help with medical costs can do so through the Foothills Animal Shelter’s website.

Maddy says it’s too soon to know whether Pedro will become available for adoption.

Note: This video has footage that some may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.