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DENVER — On a hot August morning, the dog days of summer were in full swing at Cook Park pool.

For the fourth straight year, Denver Parks and Recreation closed the season by letting the pool go to the dogs.

The one day event, “Dog-A-Pool-Ooza,” has become a huge draw for Denver dog owners, allowing dozens of dogs to play in the pool.

“We look forward to it every year,” said Haley Geis. “She loves coming out here and getting good exercise, and playing with the other dogs.”

More than 100 dogs came to this year’s event, which signals the end of the season for all but five of Denver’s outdoor public pools.

While it might seem early, many of the pools are staffed by students who returned to school last week.

The 11 pools that closed Sunday will be drained, cleaned and winterized. Cook Park pool will require some extra scrubbing.

“We actually shut down the entire pump room for today because what we need to do is drain out all the fur, all the dog slobber,” recreation director Leslie Pickard said. “It’s not for public consumption while the dogs are using it.

“It’s a fun way to cap off the whole summer and really just kind of end on a bang. We know Denver loves its dogs, so we’re really just trying to get people out, and get them engaging with recreation in a different way.”

Congress, Eisenhower, Berkeley, Green Valley Ranch and Curtis Park, will remain open through early September.

Another DogAPoolOoza will be held Sept. 2 at Berkeley Park pool.