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DENVER (KDVR) — A dog that broke loose after a car accident on Interstate 25, has been found and is back home safe.

“It feels great,” owner Matt Fontneau said. “I’m sweaty, running around looking for her!”

“Maggie,” the Rodesian Ridgeback, was riding with one of her owners on southbound I-25, Thursday morning, when they were involved in a car accident at Yale. During the commotion, Maggie broke free from her collar and darted down the highway.

Her owners spent all day searching the area and posting fliers.

Thursday night, multiple drivers spotted the 1-year-old, now running northbound on I-25, along the center divider, in the same area.

Good Samaritans were able to corral her and call Denver Animal Protection. Maggie was soon reunited with one of her grateful owners.

Maggie had been microchipped.

“I don’t know who (the good Samaritan) is,” Fontneau said. “We really appreciate it, it means a lot to us, and it’s amazing to have her back.”