DENVER (KDVR) – Water parks across the metro area are now open for the summer as COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

FOX31 asked top medical experts about the safety of public parks with water features and found they do not pose a risk but a few basic health and safety practices should be observed, as with any other public venue.

Dr. Jaya Kumar, Chief Medical Officer of Swedish Medical Center tells Fox 31 Covid-19 is not found in chemically treated water but it’s still important to practice social distancing.

“Covid-19 does not spread through water in the swimming pools or splash pads or hot tubs because the proper maintenance of these areas with chlorine or bromine inactivates the virus. It is important to maintain social distancing since it’s spread through respiratory droplets” she said.

Denver’s largest water parks, Elitch Gardens and Water World, both operate under strict safety guidelines. A Water World spokesperson told FOX31 that the water is tested and carefully maintained.

“Safety is our first priority with the rides and the waterpark especially working with the pandemic,” Elitch Gardens spokesperson Cindy Hann told FOX31.

Dr. Kumar recommends attending outdoor water parks because they offer plenty of fresh air and space. She adds that a safe distance to maintain is about the length of a pool noodle.

Those who are vaccinated and have had a booster shot are safest in public environments.

Risks can be reduced by visiting concerts, festivals, and other activities held in public venues where crowds are smaller, and by wearing a mask.

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, or any other illness in general, it’s best to wait to attend any type of publically-attended venue until after you have recovered.