LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — Three all-doctor bands headlined “Docs that Rock,” a fun night of music and dancing for those supporting Bal Swan Early Childhood Development Center.

“It’s fun to play rock stars for one night and make music together,” said Dan O’Brien, an urgent care family practice doctor and singer/bass player. “Everyone’s so serious sometimes at work you wouldn’t know that the person down the hall from you is an amazing guitar player or piano player, and sometimes people have this whole other fun side outside of medicine.”

Every member of the three bands that performed is a practicing physician within the Kaiser Permanente company.

All of this is to bring music to those who want to hear it and for a good cause.

“So thrilled to get to do something we love for a good cause,” O’Brien said.

The entry fee and funds from the night went directly to Bal Swan Early Childhood Development Center. Bal Swan aims to build a firm social and mental foundation for children.

“Bal Swan was one of the first organizations in the area back in the 1960s to put special needs kids and kids with more normal needs kind of in a class together and benefit them both,” O’Brien said.

The Bal Swan Children’s Center has been a staple in the Broomfield community since the 1960s, with O’Brien’s own children attending.