SLOAN’S LAKE, Colo. (KDVR) — A couple in the Sloan’s Lake area is sharing clear pictures to hopefully identify the suspected woman who they said stole tons of mail and a package from their doorstep.

“It was absolutely crystal clear someone coming up taking our mail and trying to grab the package full of 40 pounds of dog food,” Nick Geiger, the victim of mail theft said.

Geiger said he and his wife were expecting more mail than usual because it was his wife’s birthday the week before. He said they had been tracking the mail coming in through the USPS “My Mail” email system that sends you screen shots of the mail being delivered that day.

“There were birthday cards from my mother, her mother, my grandmother and my parents and a couple had checks and one had cash,” Geiger said.

Geiger said they had been out of town for a few days and when they got home, they realized how much mail was missing and checked their front doorbell camera.

“Why would you do this? It cannot be worth it. You’ve now committed a felony. We now have pictures of your tattoos, which I believe get logged,” Geiger said.

The woman in the video leaves with an armful of mail and an Amazon box. Geiger said she then jumped into a truck that had been obviously waiting down the street to pick her up.

“It’s a silver/grey GMC 4 door truck,” Geiger said.

He said the suspect had identifiable butterfly and flower tattoos on her right arm.

“I don’t like how suspicious I’ve gotten of everyone walking on the street now. I’m checking everyone’s right arms for tattoos,” Geiger said.

DPD said mail theft is a federal offense. Geiger has reported the theft to police and is reporting and sharing the video tomorrow with the Postmaster General. United States Postal Services representatives told us tonight, mail that can lead to five years imprisoned and $250,000 fine max penalty.

“We have upgraded our mailbox so now it can go in there. It’s a lockbox so hopefully this doesn’t happen again,” Geiger said.

If you know the suspect in this video you’re asked to call our partners at Metro Denver Crime Stoppers that number is 720-913-STOP.