THORNTON – The Thornton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man who was involved in two aggravated robberies back on Friday, November 3rd.

“That’s the first time since I’ve been here that anyone has come in with a gun,” Lynn Boch, the General Manager of a Sinclair of 104th and Grant Street said.

Boch said the suspect police are looking for came into their store just a little before 10pm on that Friday, filled up with gasoline and attempted to buy cigarettes using a fake passport.

“My cashier that night said no this is not happening,” Boch said “he (the suspect) then threw a fit and took a box of blow pops threw them all over the floor and headed out.”

From there Boch said his frustrated but calm cashier followed the suspect out. From there the suspect grabbed a gun and followed him back inside..

“’My cashier said ‘do what you got to do there are cameras everywhere,'” Boch said.

The suspect as seen in the video Boch shared only with FOX31 and Channel 2, the suspect pointed the gun near the cash register area.

“The guy pointed the gun at him but it didn’t shoot, he some how must have dislodged the magazine in the back of his pickup.”

The suspect then kicked the door to the gas station and threw something at it shattering a part of the door before fleeing in what TPD said was a previously stolen Chevy Silverado.

“He seemed a little erratic like maybe he was on drugs or something,” Boch said.

TPD Boch said showed up right away and that’s when they learned the same suspect who caused chaos in their store was wanted for robbing a Shell Gas Station just a block away on 104th and Washington.

“He robbed another gas station 10 to 15 minutes before he came here,” Boch said.

Boch said he believed the suspect tried to use the cash he stole from the Shell to fill up and attempt to buy cigarettes at his gas station.

“I’m glad no one got hurt nor here or there,” Boch said.  

TPD is asking anyone with information or if you know this man to call their tip line at 720-977-5069.