DENVER (KDVR) — ‘Tis the season in Colorado for all things powder and as more resorts are opening, it may be time to brush up on your slope slang.

Most skiers and snowboarders know the terms “bluebird day,” “powder” and “pizza,” but the ski jargon below may bring something new to the table.

Apres Ski: “Apres” is the French word for “after.” This refers to what skiers may do after a long day on the slopes. This may include drinks or a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

Chowder: Snow plus powder equals “chowder.” This is choppy snow that has been skied on frequently and can be very difficult to ski on. “Tracked out” is another way to say it.

Corduroy: This is the pattern left behind by snowcats that groom the snow. These patterns are also known as “groomers.”

Dust on Crust: When “crusty” snow — a thin layer of frozen snow — is covered by a light dusting of new snow.

On-piste/off-piste: “On-piste” is skiing on a groomed trail. “Off-piste” is skiing out of bounds, or skiing in bounds but on an ungroomed trail.

Pow: Short for “powder,” when the snow is fresh.

Pressing glass: When someone is first in line for the gondola and eager to hit the pow.

Setup: A skier’s equipment, as in their binding, boots, etc.

Warm before the storm: A very “Colorado” thing to say. It refers to the warm weather that can occur before a snowstorm rolls in later in the day.

Yard sale: This happens when a skier wipes out and all their equipment goes flying. There is also a partial yard sale when they lose one or both poles and only one ski.