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PARK COUNTY, Colo. — New Developments in the case of a teenage girl from Bailey was found dead in her burned out home.

We now know investigators have been asking males in the community for DNA swabs as part of their investigation.

The people FOX31 spoke to in Park County tell us investigators just showed up unannounced and asked them take saliva swabs from young men, some of them teenagers.

The Park County Undersheriff told FOX31, “Investigators have taken DNA samples of those in and around the family as ‘a matter of covering their bases in case it becomes relevant.'”

Samples were also collected from workers at a restaurant and liquor store belonging to Long’s family.

Angie Steel says investigators asked for a saliva swab from her husband and son.

Maggie was found dead in her burned out home just outside of Bailey in Park County December 1.

She was a popular high school student whose death left a community broken hearted.

On Facebook Rodney Rees said the FBI and CBI went by his house about three weeks ago and told him they were collecting samples of DNA for all males in the area between the 15 and 25. It was 100 percent voluntary.

His 23-year-old son gave a sample there and then.

Rees’ sister Amy Lay posted that the info is correct and that her own teenage son also gave a sample.

Rees and Lay both live near the Longs’ family home – where memorial flowers for the teenager begin to fade – and questions about her death continue to linger.

How many swab samples were taken is not clear.  For now, the people we spoke to are just hoping a suspect is caught soon.

It’s been way too long with no new information, they said.