DENVER (KDVR) – A merger between the group that brought the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit to Denver and the studio run by Mickey Mouse has resulted in a show certain to provide some family-focused fun when it swings through town within the year.

Walt Disney Animation Studios and Lighthouse Immersive Studios have announced the creation of an exhibit that highlights and reimagines some of Disney’s most classic films, and Denver is one of the cities it will be installed temporarily in.

The date of its arrival at Lighthouse Denver, located at 3900 Elati Street, has yet to be announced, but it has been verified that Denver will be one of 10 cities that the Disney Animation Immersive Experience will visit.

Similar to other installations created by Lighthouse Immersive Studios, like the Immersive King Tut Exhibit, the Immersive Monet and the upcoming Immersive Nutcracker, this exhibit will be presented in a way that aims to make attendees feel like they are part of the art.

“Monet’s Garden: The Immersive Experience” (Lukas Schulze/DKC/O&M via AP)

Singing along will of course be encouraged as the undeniably classic songs that make up the seemingly endless Disney discography are belted out by the characters that made them eternal.

Peter Pan, The Lion King, Moana and Frozen are a few of the Disney classics that will be highlighted by the exhibit.

Priority access for Disney Animation Immersive Experience

For those interested, you can sign up for priority access to the Disney Animation Immersive Experience ahead of its arrival in Denver.

Signing up for this service will gain you early access to tickets, exclusive content, updates and discounts.

Again, the exact dates that the Disney Animation Immersive Experience will be open in Denver have not been released, but FOX31 will bring you that information once it has been released.

Until then, you can crank up your tv and create a makeshift immersive experience in your home to hold you over until the official exhibit arrives in Denver.