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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Authorities are still trying to pinpoint where exactly the Marshall Fire started and spread at an intense rate through neighborhoods in Jefferson and Boulder counties.

Speculation from possible witnesses hinted at downed power lines seen at Highway 93 and Marshall Road (photo below) as being the source of the devastating fire.

However, the Boulder Office of Emergency Management said Friday that Xcel Energy said it has not found any downed power lines in the ignition area.

“Initial reports of the fire were from residents who claimed to have seen downed powerlines in or near the ignition area. Xcel Energy has been a very responsive and invaluable partner. At this point, they have inspected all of their lines within the ignition area and found no downed powerlines,” Boulder OEM said in a statement on its website. “They did find some compromised communication lines that may have been misidentified as powerlines.”

In any case, the fire swept through dry brush areas and residential areas, igniting everything with a category 2 hurricane speed.

Marshall Fire area of spread (credit: Inciweb)

Boulder OEM said the investigation is ongoing, the organization said it doesn’t believe communications lines would be able to start a fire.

“Typically, communications lines (telephone, cable, internet, etc.) would not be the cause of a fire,” Boulder OEM said.