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DENVER (KDVR) — A judge has ruled there’s probable cause in the case against two teenagers charged with killing five people in a fatal fire at a Green Valley Ranch home.

The teens appeared before a judge Friday in a preliminary hearing. They were denied bond.

Kevin Bui, now 17, is facing a total of 60 counts split between several charges that included first-degree murder with extreme indifference, attempted murder with extreme indifference, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

The other suspect, Gavin Seymour, is facing the same counts.

Detective Neil Baker, the lead detective in the case, testified Friday. Baker stated that Bui interviewed with police the day he was arrested and admitted to planning and executing the homicide arson with Seymour.

According to Baker, Bui told police he was robbed in July 2020 while attempting to buy a gun in the City Park area. Bui told Baker his iPhone, shoes and other belongings were stolen in the robbery and when he tried to track his phone, it pinged at the address of the home they set on fire.

While being questioned by the teens’ attorneys, Baker explained that Bui told police the teens didn’t have an exact plan for what they were going to do that night. Bui expressed wanting to get his phone back and potentially vandalizing the home and breaking windows. 

Baker also testified Bui saw news stories the day after the arson homicide and stated that he noticed the victims were not the people who robbed him.

Baker told the court that police were able to narrow down the suspects through looking at Google keyword searches of the address of the home set on fire. They got a warrant and looked at searches of the address in the month prior to the arson homicide. The results came back to three teens, who Baker said police eventually arrested and identified as Bui, Seymour and another juvenile teenager.

In addition to the Google searches of the homes, Baker said Bui and a juvenile identified only as DS also searched for costume stores in the area and police tracked the suspects’ purchases of the ski masks they were shown wearing during the arson homicide on a neighbor’s surveillance cameras.

Receipts showed the masks were purchased at a Party City hours before the deadly fire.

Loved ones of the five victims attended the preliminary hearing and got emotional when Baker testified about finding their bodies, particularly the deceased infants.

Neighbors called the evidence shocking, and said they are hopeful justice will be served.

“It’s sad to hear that people can have that kind of heart,” said Jose Chavez. “I really hope they get the full punishment, and get what they deserve.”