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DENVER — Despite safety concerns, records obtained by FOX31 indicate only two cyclists have been ticketed for speeding in Denver in 2019.

The first was cited in early May for going 21 mph at Washington Park, and later that month, a cyclist was cited for going 26 mph on the South Platte River Trail. Both received $100 fines.

FOX31 put a radar gun to the test Wednesday morning along the South Platte River Trail.

Our crew set up between 8th Avenue, and 6th Avenue, and clocked bikers going 18, 20, 23, 24, and 27 mph.

The speed limit in all Denver parks, and on all city bike paths is 15 mph, a number park officials say bikers have been ignoring.

“We have some people that think they’re doing the Tour de France,” said Scott Gilmore, Denver Parks deputy manager. “They’re trying to go as fast as they can.”

Park Rangers have reportedly stepped up enforcement using radar guns, but Gilmore said at this point, they have not been directed to issue additional tickets.

“It’s not about driving revenue or giving tickets, it’s about educating the public about being safe on the trail system,” he said.

Safety on Denver’s expanding trail system has been a hot topic this year.

Two bikers were seriously injured Tuesday night in a crash on the Cherry Creek Trail. It’s unclear if speed was a factor.

“The collision that happened last night, that’s the tragic things we’re trying to make sure aren’t happening,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore said the department may begin issuing additional citations if speeds remain a factor.

Other solutions like speed bumps or rumble strips will not be considered, he said, citing safety concerns.