DENVER (KDVR) – On Friday, congressional candidate Adam Frisch conceded in his race against Rep. Lauren Boebert for Colorado District 3, and now some may be wondering if a mandatory recount is still on the cards.

As the concession was delivered on Friday, the two candidates running in this race were only separated by 551 votes, with Boebert carrying 163,758 to Frisch’s 163,207.

This has left some wondering whether or not this race is eligible for an automatic recount, even though a concession has been delivered. FOX31 reached out to the Secretary of State’s office to ask that very question.

“If the race is within the margin for a mandatory recount, the recount will proceed regardless of whether or not a candidate has conceded,” a representative with the Secretary of State’s office told FOX31.

According to Colorado law, if the difference between the two vote counts is equal to, or less than 0.5%, an automatic recount is mandatory.

So, once the state’s canvassing board has certified the original vote count, and assuming Boebert’s lead over Frisch remains below 819 votes, then the automatic recount will be activated.