ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Officers fanned out near an Adams County intersection late Sunday night, where a suspect on the run allegedly shot a sheriff’s deputy.

Police officials say the deputy was not hurt, thanks to a bulletproof vest.

There was chaos and a frantic search at 74th Avenue and Federal Boulevard just around midnight. Officers from several agencies were searching for a suspect who they said shot a deputy.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office sent a tweet just after midnight warning people to watch out for a man on the run not far from Westminster. He was considered armed and dangerous.

A worker told FOX31 that officers rushed into her workplace, scouring the place in search of him.

“The officers came in and were looking everywhere — the restrooms, the kitchen — and we were afraid. We didn’t know what was going on,” Paola Ramos said.

FOX31 was able to access surveillance video from across the street. It shows officers in a parking lot of a strip mall also helping with the search.

Traffic stop, chase lead to deputy’s shooting

A spokesperson for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said this all started when a deputy tried to make a traffic stop at 88th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Deputies started a chase but called it off.

The suspect was then spotted again on Federal, where he crashed. That’s where the deputy who tried to contact him was shot.

Officials said a bulletproof vest saved the deputy’s life.

Former police officer James Allbee said the vests work.

“They are absolutely lifesaving, and that’s why they are mandated with law enforcement agencies, because they are reducing a lot of Injuries,” said Allbee, a law enforcement procedural expert.

The deputy, who officials said did not fire back, was not hurt.

How and where the suspect was captured is not clear, and that person had not been identified or charged as of Monday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said the investigation is still ongoing.