LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Stahl, who was accused in a viral video of letting an 18-year-old woman out of a DUI, had his name cleared by body camera video.

“I noticed the black Audi had been swerving in her lane. Then she went over the right lane twice then the left lane once,” Stahl, who has been with the department for nearly four years, said.

In the video posted on Twitter, Stahl was also accused of giving Skyler Fluss his number and asking her to lunch. The video went viral Sunday. FOX31 and Channel 2 interviewed Fluss and she said everything in the video was a lie and she regretted it.

“That was a lie. I was a stupid teenager. I was stupid and drunk and it wasn’t true,” Fluss said Monday.  

Stahl said he saw Fluss’s apology during our interview with the teen on FOX31.

“I think she did say her apology already though. I saw a report on FOX yesterday that she came out and apologized so …,” Stahl said.

The deputy did state he believed Fluss’s actions were selfish and he believes she didn’t realize the ramifications of her actions.

“Not that it’s an excuse for her behavior but she’s young, she’s a teen. Social media is a strong influence these days,” Stahl said.

He’s thankful for the body camera video. He said the outcome of the situation could have been much different.

“I had my body cam. If I didn’t have my body cam, it could have been suspensions or whatever was deemed right for those types of allegations,” Stahl said.

During the traffic stop, Fluss was never breathalyzed. Stahl said he had no reason, based on his training, to believe Fluss was driving under the influence. Fluss told us in our interview she had been drinking prior to getting behind the wheel that night.

“I got too intoxicated. I was taking shots all night. I made the dumb decision to get into my car and drive,” Fluss said.

Stahl found that statement surprising. He said he still doesn’t believe she was drunk and even though she stated that in an interview, it can’t be used later against her.

“She can’t to my knowledge, but at the same time, still to this day, I don’t believe she was impaired while she was driving,” Stahl said.

According to JCSO, student resource officers were expected to talk to Fluss on Monday. FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to Jefferson County Public Schools and they declined to comment.

“She tried to make her apology and take accountability and that’s tough to do when you’re that young,” Stahl said.

It’s the video now Fluss will have to live with, Stahl said. He said the video could be construed as embarrassing.

“It takes guts for her, especially being 18 and now she’s going to have to go to school and deal with this every day,” Stahl said.