DENVER (KDVR) — Just in time for colder weather, FOX31 is holding a Dependable Cleaners Coats for Colorado campaign.  

For over 40 years, the campaign has been keeping people warm in the wintertime by providing a free, clean, comfortable and warm winter coat. 

Nothing stays the same, but there are a few exceptions. Winter in Colorado is here to stay and that has not gone unnoticed by Dependable Cleaners President Steven Toltz. 

“You need a coat in Colorado with very little notice,” said Toltz.

As a matter of fact, Toltz’s father, Warren, believed that too. He started Coats for Colorado back in 1981.

“When you give somebody a coat, especially a kid a brand new coat, their first brand new coat, to keep them warm, I still get touched,” said Toltz.

October 2022 marks the 41st year the Coats for Colorado campaign has kept people cozy.

“Whether we are advertising in October or not, we start getting donations immediately. This has all been donated in the last couple of weeks,” said Toltz.

Toltz said he is proud of his father’s legacy and will continue Coats for Colorado as long as there are winters.