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DENVER (KDVR) – It’s been roughly a year since the art collective known as Meow Wolf swung open the doors to the Convergence Station exhibit, and already the art museum has snagged the top spot on an annual “best of” list.

The Golden Ticket Awards are announced annually after a panel made up mostly of experienced park enthusiasts votes on a variety of categories, including those listed below and many more:

  • Most beautiful park
  • Best dark ride
  • Best wooden coaster
  • Best innovation

This year, Meow Wolf’s Convergence Center claimed the top spot in the “Breakout Family Entertainment Center of 2022” category.

Certainly, there is plenty for adults to take in at the four Meow Wolf locations across the country, but the company has also taken steps to cater to visiting families as well.

Evidence of this can be found in an article published on the Meow Wolf website entitled “The best places to feed your baby at Meow Wolf,” which outlines where they feel are the best exhibits and rooms to feed your kids at for each museum.

Adulti-Verse Great American Beer Fest kickoff party

A separate upcoming event that will likely pique the interest of some members of your family is an unofficial prequel to Denver’s upcoming Great American Beer Festival.

The first and last Wednesday of each month is reserved for the adults at Meow Wolf, and to get everyone hyped up for the Oct. 6 weekend, when the city celebrates brewed beverages, the museum is hosting a kickoff celebration, tickets to which can be snagged here.

Amber Cobb’s ‘A Wink is Just a Wink’

Meow Wolf being named winner of this family-focused category follows the opening of one of the museum’s latest exhibits, “A Wink is Just a Wink,” a collection created by Amber Cobb.

Cobb’s collection was opened up to the viewing public earlier this month on Sept. 8 and will remain on display until the exhibit closes on Nov. 30. The exhibit itself is a hyper-focused look at the gray areas that surround complicated human interactions, hence the collection’s fitting name.

“Beginning with the body as a point of departure, [Cobb] unpacks the physical and psychological responses to life’s complicated interactions through abjection, attraction, and humor,” Meow Wolf’s description of the exhibit says.

Through the implementation of materials like mattresses, furniture and other domestic objects, Cobb has created drawings, paintings and sculptures that instigate reflection on the emotions that arise from the absurdities surrounding sexual innuendos, gender roles and general sensuality.