DENVER (KDVR) – Denver’s District Attorney has been looking to right some wrongful convictions from the past. District Attorney Beth McCann announced on Wednesday that her office is now accepting applications to review wrongful convictions.

Other counties across the Front Range have rolled out similar units over the years. Experts said evolving technology is helping to get case requests solved with some urgency.

“It is critically important to ensure that justice is done in those rare instances when someone asserts a legitimate claim of actual innocence,” McCann said at the announcement of the unit.

McCann said it was always her goal to bring a conviction review unit to the second judicial district, but now the district has some dollars to staff the unit and make it a reality.

“Right now, we’ve got about $220,000. You know we’re hoping to have some interns help us too [that] we can get from the law school,” McCann explained.

The DA’s office said this will now put Denver in line with other areas in the metro.

“A conviction review unit is an important part of the modern prosecutor’s office. Our neighbors in the first judicial district which is Jefferson County, the 18th, which is Arapahoe, Douglas and Lincoln Counties, and the 20th up in Boulder have established these units,” McCann said.

So why is the Front Range seeing more of these units coming on board now? Fox31 Legal Analyst Chris Decker said district attorneys are looking at progressive prosecution.

“The incidence and claims of false convictions [have] risen, there [have] always been folks that have been convicted and claim to be innocent, but with the evolving sciences of DNA and some of the other retrospective scientific technologies, more and more cases are getting very hard looks for actual innocence,” Decker said.

The district attorney said that she’s expecting a significant increase in requests. On top of innocence cases, the office will also go over clemency requests from the Governor’s Office and other long sentences from the past.