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Denver’s arctic cold temperatures pose dangers to pets

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DENVER (KDVR) — There has been an increase in calls to Denver’s Animal Protection Department from people worried about pets being left out in these wickedly cold temperatures.

Denver Animal Control officer Daniel Ettinger is making the rounds checking on pets that have reportedly been left out in the cold.  

He found two dogs in a backyard in west Denver. Turns out the pets have shelter and thick coats and should be OK.  

“They are absolutely. (One is a) husky type dog that has a thick double coat and a bulldog mix with not your typical flat coat it has a thicker flat coat. So I advised the owner to look into buying a sweater for the dog,” Ettinger said.

With extremely cold weather in Metro Denver, calls have been pouring into Denver’s Animal Protection.  

A barking dog was reported at another home not far away.  The owner saying “Frazier” was out for a while this morning but stays inside.  

That man said, “I love Frazier. He’s happy here. I don’t want him freezing.”

Animal Protection officers say dogs can stay outside in extreme weather if they have adequate shelters. Insulated shelters, raised off the ground a bit, with a shingled roof are preferred. 

But if there are concerns, it’s good to call Animal Control. 

“A lot of times is people are hearing barking making noises that’s actually going to be a good sign. I’d say it’s rare that a dog is barking because it’s in distress. You’re going to hear a dog squealing. Maybe whining. It could be shivering, that’s going to be a sign of distress,” Ettinger said. 

Also watch for freezing water bowls. Lack of water can lead to dehydration in the extreme temperatures.  

With even colder temps headed our way this weekend, Ettinger expects a lot more calls to make sure man’s best friend is OK.  

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