DENVER (KDVR) – It can be challenging trying to swallow your pride on your sibling’s birthday since attention is a finite resource that a person can only dispense so much of. Try doing that when you share a birthday with three of your brothers, all of whom are lions.

Animal handlers over at the Denver Zoo may have a bit of a diva-fueled situation developing on their hands, that is if the photos they released this week of birthday pride are anything to go by.

These catty daddies are quite the photogenic foursome. (Credit: Denver Zoo)

According to zoo officials, the highly photogenic and Fabio-esque African lions celebrated their seventh birthday on Tuesday, marking it with yet another photoshoot.

How these boys haven’t graced the catwalk at the Met Gala, one may never know.

The members of this adorable cat quad are Bahati, Usiku, Jasiri and Kito, and if you want to see their fashionable struts in person, head on over to the Denver Zoo while they are still riding their birthday highs.