DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Zoo is still seeing heavy foot traffic during a weekend of triple-digit heat.

They shared with FOX31 the steps they take to keep both animals and those visiting cool.

“Our animals are doing OK no matter the weather,” Carlie McGuire, digital content manager at the Denver Zoo, said.

McGuire said that some animals are more sensitive than others when it comes to the heat. She said, for example, during the triple-digit heat, the tigers might be harder to spot.

“They are a species from Siberia and Russia. They are a good animal to come out and see during the cold weather cause that’s when they are active,” McGuire said.

She said the animals that are sensitive to the temperature increase have the option to go inside an air-conditioned and climate-controlled area.

“The best thing we can do with the animals is give them a choice, let them tell us what they need,” McGuire said.

She said the animals that enjoy the heat are the elephants.

“Our elephants seem to enjoy the heat. They are outside and in the pools,” McGuire said.

The zoo also has several misters in the areas where the animals hang out to help keep them cool.

“This weather is nothing new to Denver anymore, we have these hot summers. It’s where we are right now in this world, we get hot summers,” McGuire said.

For those coming to see the animals, the zoo wants people to remember they can bring water bottles, there are misting areas, and people can find shade and air conditioning inside exhibits.

“It’s hot, it’s been a hot weekend in Denver. We are happy to see guests still coming to the zoo,” McGuire said.