DENVER (KDVR) – Just one week after the Denver Zoo revealed that their 23-year-old hyena tragically passed away from a battle with cancer, news of another veteran animal’s death at the facility has been released.

Just before noon on Tuesday, the Denver Zoo Twitter account announced that Padme, the 19-year-old geriatric Bactrian camel, had passed away following a long battle with chronic arthritis.

Zoo officials arrived at the difficult decision to euthanize Padme after all her veterinarians and caretakers came to the conclusion that they could no longer keep her free of pain. Her arthritis had, for years, been treated with medication, and interestingly enough, acupuncture treatments.

“This sweet girl… learned many new behaviors in the last few years that helped keep her mentally and physically stimulated and that also allowed her to voluntarily participate in her own healthcare,” officials said in a post to the zoo’s Facebook page.

Padme was born at the Denver Zoo in 2003 and had been handraised by her keepers due to her mother’s disinterest in feeding her naturally. Since those early days, she developed a habit of greeting her keepers with, as they put it, “adorable good morning grumbles and loving hair sniffs.”

That innate trust that developed from those early feedings is likely what led to her acupuncture treatments being a smooth affair.

If you or someone you know was fortunate enough to have a day with Padme, punctuated with a photo, please feel free to share those memories online, making sure to tag the Denver Zoo when you do.