DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman is taking a unique approach to bring hope to thousands of Ukrainians struggling amid “uncertainty and war.”

Jill Tupper started Global Warrior PoweredbyLove after first visiting Ukraine in 2022 and seeing the immense psychological effects of war.

“They are striving to care for, live, move on even in the midst of this horrific war,” Tupper said. “I would say one of the greatest challenges, the silent killer, is truly the mental health crisis.”

With her experience in occupational therapy, Tupper said the organization works with Ukrainians to help prevent the long-term impacts of trauma through neuroscience-based training.

“We’re taking people from their high-alert state into their calm state, which can be achieved, and actually ground them in the midst of chaos,” Tupper said. “We don’t want to wait until PTSD potentially sets in after traumatic situations. What we are intentionally doing is circumventing potential PTSD with a nervous system reset.”

She said they have been back to Ukraine four times, helping thousands of Ukrainians and introducing their training to the first responders and community leaders.

“I feel like I am full of rest and calm,” a woman in Ukraine said.

Tupper said their work is only just beginning.

“Hope brings life to people and it gives them the endurance, it gives them the perseverance, the resilience to stay the course,” Tupper said.

She said they are heading back to Ukraine in November and are in need of donations and volunteers.