DENVER (KDVR) — Denver City Council weighing the decision to put a moratorium on mobile home park development citywide. This is modeled after Aurora’s 10-month moratorium that was enacted back in 2018.

The goal is to prohibit the redevelopment of mobile home parks while the group determines how to keep and possibly rezone the parks moving forward. 

Right now the city has five mobile home parks that house about 300 families. All five parks are zoned differently meaning they are all required to follow different regulations.  

The goal of this is to work on developing a possible new manufactured home zoning district, that way there is equity across the board. 

Currently, the zoning right now does not allow mobile home park owners to replace or remodel any homes meaning despite falling into disrepair there’s nothing they can do.

Preserving housing and creating housing stability is one of our foremost priorities in Denver. being able to keep, retain and support the dignity of all housing. I think is one of the most important things that we do and whether you live in a multi-bedroom home, a studio or a mobile home park when you need to be afforded that that same dignity and that same opportunity,” Denver City Councilwoman Jamie Torres said.

Additionally, the council is trying to ensure these parks don’t fall through the cracks, and this is the proposal to do that. 

“[One Denver mobile home park owner] tried to improve the housing options in that park and we just as a city in our rules, we certainly haven’t allowed them to do that. But that’s absolutely a fear right that because it is so under the radar and in the zoning shadows. We really turned a blind eye turn a blind eye to those communities and so this is really trying to shine the light and get more resources,” Torres said.  

As far as the timeline goes there will be several committee meetings on this in October and then the city council public hearing in March of 2023.