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DENVER — Election Day in Denver is just a few days away and the Denver Elections Division is noticing an increase in the number of voters forgetting to simply sign their name on the back of the envelope.

The elections division wants to remind voters to read the instructions that come inside the envelope and sign by the big blue “X.” If you turn your ballot in without your signature, the elections division will try to reach out to you.

But if you don’t sign your ballot at all after they contact you – your vote won’t count.

“If someone forgets to sign their ballot, they still have eight days after the election in order to fix it,” said Alton Dillard with the Denver Elections Division. “It does not disqualify their vote. We just want to make sure to remind people that you still have to sign your envelope before you drop it off.”

“We do that in a variety of ways. One, we send a letter to the voters with information on how they can fix it by sending an affidavit. We also email they have the ability to fix this by text message if they so prefer,” Dillard said.

In this election, Denver residents will select a mayor and vote on initiatives about urban camping (initiative 300) and psychedelic mushrooms (initiative 301).

An interactive sample ballot and additional information on everything on the ballot are available on Denver’s website.

It is too late to mail your ballot, but Denver has seven polling centers around the city 28 ballot drop off boxes throughout the city.