DENVER (KDVR) — Two Cherry Creek High School graduates, who are twin brothers, are helping fight Israel’s war against Hamas.

The 23-year-olds are members of two separate paratrooper units. They graduated from Cherry Creek High School in 2018.

But their family said they do not yet have bulletproof vests. Now, their family and friends have started a fundraiser to help get the money needed to buy the body armor.

Helping get armor to Israeli fighters

The family of Ethan and Jacob Grinberg asked FOX31 not to show their faces for security reasons. Their father, Alex Grinberg, said he’s concerned and doing what he can.

“The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is a very capable, well-trained army. The amount of people that have been called up in the reserves is unprecedented, and therefore, there are some delays in getting the right material to them, and we are helping in that process,” Grinberg said.

A fundraiser is underway to raise $144,000 to buy 220 bulletproof vests for the units the Grinbergs belong to. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign, here is a link to the Fundly website.

The campaign is being organized by Jake Lazar, who knows the brothers from his time at Cherry Creek High School.

“This fundraiser to help Ethan and Jacob get these supplies, it is really a way that I’ve seen the community impact their situation in Israel,” Lazar said.

The Grinbergs’ grandparents survived the Holocaust. The two brothers have spent a lot of time in Israel, and their father said they are committed to keeping people safe there.

Their friends in Colorado are not surprised the brothers are with the units.

“The night the war started, I was on the phone with Ethan. He was freaking out, trying to do everything he could to get back to Israel,” friend Ethan Litvin said.

“They are super outgoing and very courageous and selfless going to risk their life for Israel,” friend Zack Lazar said.

The father of the Grinbergs said he tried to discourage them from ever joining the IDF the first time. There was no stopping them then and no stopping them now.

He said he now just wants Ethan and Jacob to come home safe and sound.