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DENVER — A massive crowd of teachers demanding change flooded the Colorado state Capitol on Monday.

Before the night was over, teachers at Colorado’s largest school district shared plans for another rally next week.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association announced teachers with Denver Public School will walk out on April 27.

According to a release, teachers will teach Friday morning and then head to the Capitol for a rally. The rally is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

DPS teachers will be pushing for lawmakers to support more funding for education.

DCTA president Henry Roman pointed to walkouts and teacher protests happening across the country.

“We’re seeing a very strong wave of teacher frustration sweeping across the country,” Roman said. “As you can tell from the actions in West Virginia and Oklahoma, teachers are fed up with students lacking educational resources.

“They’re tired of working for low wages in under-funded school environments that can only be described as woefully inadequate.”

A spokesman for DPS said it is aware of the planned walkout.

“The Denver Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Tom Boasberg have been working extraordinarily hard and in partnership with superintendents across the state to press our state government to restore education funding to our schools and ensure our students and our educators receive the supports and compensation they deserve,” the district said in a statement.

The district said it is working on a plan to have as minimal impact as possible on students and families.