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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver has exceeded its goal to house 200 homeless people within 100 days, the city said in a statement.

In just 68 days, 256 people experiencing homelessness on the streets and in shelters have been relocated to new housing resources, as part of the city’s Department of Housing Stability effort set forth on Sept. 2.

“This housing surge shows that when our community partners come together toward a common goal, we can quickly lift people out of homelessness and connect them with housing,” Mayor Michael Hancock said. “The overwhelming success of this effort is phenomenal, and opens up new opportunities we can apply toward future efforts to rapidly resolve homelessness for our residents experiencing it.” 

The City of Denver budgeted more than $5.1 million to partner with more than a dozen agencies to tackle similar rehousing issues this year. The 2022 budget proposes more than $7.6 million.

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless resources were expanded with money used from voter-approved funding in the city’s contract with the organization along with existing properties to provide homes.