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DENVER — The battle between the city of Denver and lime green scooters has taken another turn.

Denver Public Works has started confiscating the scooters that are parked illegally across the city.

On Friday, Lime dropped off 200 of the shared scooters in a few neighborhoods. Users open an app on smartphones to unlock them, then they are dropped off anywhere in the city.

They’ve been a huge hit, but not with city officials.

Denver Public Works said it was never notified by the company about the plans and officials are concerned with where people are riding and parking them.

Denver Public Works said officials have started to remove scooters that are blocking sidewalks and other public spaces.

It’s not known how many of the 200 scooters have been removed or where they’re being stored.

The app instructs users to park the scooters on accessible spaces near curbs or by bike racks and to not block pedestrian paths, sidewalks or ramps.

The city said it is working to develop new rules to regulate the scooters.