DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a snowy fall and winter in Denver so far, with both the monthly and seasonal snowfall totals sitting well above the average values.

So far this January, Denver has picked up 11.1 inches of snow at Denver International Airport. That is over 4 inches above the average monthly snowfall of 6.5 inches.

January is usually Denver’s fifth-snowiest month of the year. If Denver sees another 0.9 inches before the month is over, this January would end up in the top 20 of the snowiest months on record.

The seasonal snowfall is also running above average thanks to a snowy December and January in Denver. More than 13 inches of snow fell during the month of December.

The seasonal snowfall total is now 35 inches. This is about 10 inches over the seasonal average for this time of year, which is around 25 inches.

Denver has another chance to see light snowfall Wednesday morning and again over the weekend.