DENVER (KDVR) — Denver’s “Snow Angels” program connects volunteers with neighbors who aren’t able to shovel their front sidewalks.

The program is meant to help those who are elderly or living with a disability.

Right now there are 300 “Snow Angels” but 600 homes registered for those in need. Volunteers are needed in Globefield, Green Valley Ranch, North Park Hill and Westwood.

“There are people who might need help with something so simple. It just takes about five to 10 minutes to shovel someone’s home,” said Heidi Rodriguez with Denver Human Rights and Community Partnerships. “They will really appreciate it for one and you will also be making your community safer.”

To qualify to be a recipient of Snow Angel, you must be a Denver resident, older and unable to shovel or have a physical disability, and financially unable to pay for the service.

“You don’t really have to be a snow angel you don’t really have to be registered to our program to know that ‘hey there might be somebody around my community that might need this assistance,’ however it’s just a way of connecting those,” Rodriguez said.

To register or sign up to volunteer you can pay a visit to their webpage.