DENVER (KDVR) — When the sun comes out after a Colorado winter storm, drivers and pedestrians get a good view of what’s left behind.

The Problem Solvers found homeowners out within the required 24-hour post-storm period, clearing sidewalks and ramps, one telling FOX31 that it is important to “save someone from taking a spill, including myself.”

If you don’t shovel the sidewalk near your property, city inspectors leave a time-stamped notice. After that, businesses have four hours and residences have 24 hours before a follow-up inspection. Anyone not in compliance could receive a $150 fine.

“The sidewalk doesn’t have to be perfect, ice-free or snow-free, but the homeowner has to take reasonable steps to clear it,” attorney Bryan Kuhn said. If someone slips and falls on your property, you could be liable.

“You can be sued if someone does slip and fall in front of your house. Whether you are responsible for that or not will depend if you have taken some reasonable measures to get snow off the sidewalk,” Kuhn said.

Business owners are responsible for maintaining parking lots as well as walkways.

“If an employee is hurt due to negligence of a business owner, that business owner could be liable,” Kuhn said.

Insurance experts tell the Problem Solvers your homeowner’s insurance should provide protection to cover any accidents that occur on your property, so check your policy.